Thursday, August 23, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - Day 141 - Gettin Campy

Julio Franco and Casey Blake were born on this day. Both are former Tribers. There is a chance that either of them could be pulled from any given pack of cards in our break. So far as I have been able to determine (that is, I did a quick search), we have not encountered either fellow during our season-long pack break.

Anyone want to hedge bets? I'm betting we won't find any here either. And, for the record, I have not even reached into the box yet... Drum roll please... Wait, why are we rolling drums, anyway?

2010 Topps Update Series

Albert Pujols - Cardinals - All-Star
JA Happ - Astros
Shaun Marcum - Blue Jays
Mike Leake - Reds
Corey Patterson - Orioles
Torii Hunter - Angels - All-Star
Albert Pujols - Cardinals/Ryan Braun - Brewers - All-stars
Chris Young - Diamondbacks - HR Derby
Justin Verlander - Tigers - All-star
Roy Campanella - Dodgers - Turkey Red
Thuman Munson - Yankees - Vintage Legends
Austin Jacksono - Tigers - Topps Attax

Well, no Blake and certainly no Franco, but man what a group of cards and players here! Love the Turkey Red insert and the retro Munson card is nice, too.  The selection of players worked out pretty well, I'd say.

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