Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Get your name/blog on my daughter's cheer shirt!

My daughter is in Cheer Team this year, and she is having a fundraiser.  I thought it would be fun to post on here and see if I could help her raise money while you benefit as well!

Here's the deal: She is raising money that goes into her account to be used for fees, shows, etc.  There are about 30 girls that are participating.  For a $25 donation, you get your name/blog/whatever (keep it clean, of course) on *ALL 30* of their warmup shirts plus on any parent shirts! DEADLINE is September 11, 2012.

If you are interested, send a PERSONAL GIFT through PayPal of $25 to davidinark (at) yahoo *dot* com.  In the message, be sure to tell me how you want your name/blog/whatever to appear.  Remember, even though you would be sponsoring my daughter, your name/blog/whatever will go on EACH girl's shirt!

I will keep a running tally and post it ... somewhere.. on - probably in the right column.

Note: the ENTIRE $25 goes to her. I am not taking anything. I'd just like to get our names/blogs out there and see if we can fill the shirts with names! Remember, the deadline is September 11, 2012!

Thanks to everyone that can participate and to those who can't give but like to read along. :-)

*The official handout/announcement from her Cheer Program follows:

Dear Friend of SAGA,
  The Southwest Arkansas Gymnastics Academy (SAGA) All Star Cheerleaders have begun their 2012-2013 competition season. These dedicated cheerleaders spend long hours in the gym during the week preparing for competition season. The SAGA All Star Booster Club is seeking sponsors to assist the girls in raising funds for uniforms, competition fees and travel expenses.
  We are asking for a minimum of a $25.00 sponsorship. This will enable your company or individual names to be printed on our t-shirts.  Team t-shirts are worn by the athletes and parents to all events, both local and across the state and serve as great advertisement. 
(Individual team member names withheld here for privacy, but the handout lists the girl's names)
  Can we count on you as a sponsor for our team? If you have already met your contribution limit this year, please keep us in mind for next year. Thank you! 
Karen Blackwell, Owner.
James Hubbard, Level 1 Head Coach
Lorenn McJunkins, Level 1 Head Coach
Corbin Hubbard, Level 1 Assistant Coach

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