Saturday, August 18, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - Day 136 - No Chromium Here

Tonight's pack of cards comes to us from 2006.  it is a 2006 Topps Opening Day.  Now, before we get too far, I just want to say that I think Panini gave up way too easily. Come on - Chromium vs Chrome!? Sorry, Topps, you shouldn't be allowed to bully your way into this win.  Panini needs to grow a backbone and defend its right to use product names that are not currently trademarked, regardless of how "closely" they sound to another product.  No one is going to confuse Panini Chromium with Topps Chrome.  It is times like this that I wish UD had done the whole "hostile takeover" over Topps when Topps was falling on its butt.  Then again, that's just my two cents.

And, as it happens, tonight *IS* a Topps product.

Ichiro - Mariners
Jason Botts - Rangers
Torii Hunter - Twins
Francisco Liriano - Twins
Carlos Delgado - Mets
Paul McAnulty - Padres
Chance to Win code card
Julio Lugo - Blue Jays - SI for Kids insert
Work Hard, Get Cards promo

Yeesh, two promo cards in one pack. Maybe it is just my old eyes, but the blue foil on black background sure makes it hard to read player names. That is ugly.

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