Thursday, September 9, 2010

Worth a shot

On Wednesday, I posted an article about my haul from the 2010 Topps T206 break done by A Cardboard Problem.  In that post, out of all the cards I could have selected, I chose Torii Hunter as the non-Triber to be represented.  Earlier in the day, a scheduled post was released concerning my actual T206 cards. 

Stay with me here.

A post about T206 cards is followed (by fate, coincidence, divine intervention, you name it) by a post on the T206 retro cards produced a hundred years later in which Torii Hunter is featured.

Wednesday night, the Angels and Indians go SIXTEEN innings, and who should score the winning run? None other than Torii Hunter, who had managed to get himself a double with a shot to the gap in left-center (if memory serves).

Well, with all this serendipity running amok here at Tribecards, I figure it's worth a shot to say that winning the lottery or otherwise coming into a sum of money that would pay off the ole credit cards would come in handy about now.  I've got a habit I'd like to support.  Just sayin'.

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