Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Turfdiggers Tuesdays (edited 09/16/2010)

I'm going to be running a regular column here during the football season discussing the exploits of the Tribecards Turfdiggers, a part of the Super Secret League fantasy league on Yahoo.

There are 8 teams in the league this year (as opposed to 10 last year).  The Turfdiggers did great in the first week, netting a total of 80.61 points, coming in second to the 81.44 scored by the Stumbling Blox.  I'd have to look and verify this, but I believe debuting at No. 2 is the highest I have ever been.  Actually, the fact that I am even *in* the #2 spot is the highest I've ever been.

Peyton Manning and Rashard Mendenhall had the highest marks this past week with 26.66 and 12.75, respectively.  The next highest was Mason Crosby (Kicker, Green Bay) with 12.00 followed by Steve Smith (Carolina) and the Pittsburgh Steelers Defense!

I had the wrong Tight End in place, using Atlanta's Tony Gonzalez instead of Washington's Chris Cooley.  Who knew Washington was going to kick butt?  Okay, most people. I am not most people, I guess.

I did make one roster change for the upcoming week.  While everyone else was sleeping, I snagged Dexter McCluster.  He had a seriously jamming game on Monday night, and I'm hoping to cash in on momentum.  In my case, though, it usually means he'll get a season-ending injury. Let's hope not.

*Thanks to Mark who pointed out that there are 8 teams this year (and were 10 last year).  Evidently, my reading and/or math skills aren't what they used to be!

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  1. Actually, there are just 8 teams in the league. And a nice pick up on Dexter McCluster.

    I'll see you in week 4. When Mr. McCluster is sitting out on a bye week.