Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Okay, so officially... I'm a dork. Whuddyagonnado, uh?

Given yesterday's heartfelt post about the incredible generosity shown to me by you folks reading along, I thought it only fair that I balance that with a tale of my own dorkiness.  This comes courtesy of dayf, who sent me a package in the mail!!

Now, my first "clue" should have been the fact he said, "...something in here you don't already have."  How could he *not* say that with three packs of Goodwin Champions cards?  He wouldn't know what was in them.  Then again, would he really send three packs and chance giving me some uber-mojo-insert!?  Wow!  I turned the first pack to the bottom because all the cards were there, and experience has taught me it is far easier to pull apart the seams where you find the cards.

Now, the cards, as I had opened the pack, were facing their BACKS to me when I pulled them out.  The first thing I noticed was that the card I saw was David Huff.  It was a Topps.  Now, at this point, any self-respecting collector would have realized something was amiss.  Why?  Because Goodwins are made by Upper Deck.  Did I grab that? Of course not.  Did I grab the fact that Huff is a TRIBER!?  No, no, I was too busy trying to determine which Goodwin cards were in the pack.  Yes, seriously.  Quit laughing.  Nah, keep on laughing. It gets better (or worse, depending on your perspective).

When I flipped the first stack over, a Topps '52 Shin-Soo Choo was facing me!  Hey, a Triber!  How cool!  And, another Topps.  It was here I noticed one of the other packs sitting on the desk, mocking me.  That little UD logo staring at me.  I slowly looked through the rest of the cards (seven not four as stated on the pack, another sign of my ignorance), and guess what!?  Yes, they were *ALL* Indians.  Of course! DUH!

I was utterly amazed that dayf had managed to get the cards into the pack and then re-seal the thing!  That is sheer... er, wait a minute.  I checked the other end of the pack.  Yeah, you saw that coming, didn't you?  He had opened the other end, absconded with the cards and replaced them with some VERY cool Indians cards (and no Alomars to boot)!!  I quickly opened the other packs (from the already-opened end this time) and sat in disbelief at the coolness of the cards (I have *never* seen a Feller like that, what *is* that one!?) and the generosity of the online community we call the card blogosphere.

DAYF, I have to say THANK YOU for not only giving me some great cards, but also keeping me humble without even trying!

Okay, you can stop laughing now.  Really.  It's over.  Nothing to see here, people.


  1. 1952 Wheaties Bob Feller:

    Precision pack opening pays off! :)

  2. Well, DUH! I dunno how I missed that post back then!! Wow, THANK YOU again so much!!