Sunday, September 5, 2010

(N)FTC: Indians Hawaiian Shirt

The "N" stands for "Not" as is "Not From the Collection."  Look, I am a Tribe fan, tried, true and tested, but even die hard fans have to draw a line somewhere, right?  Well, maybe not all fans.  This one certainly does, though.  I cannot invent a scenario in my head in which I would don such an article of clothing:

The kicker is that I *might* wear something like this if it weren't just so over-the-top.  In fact, the site where I fell upon these has some cool shirts for fans.  I just think they went WAAAAY overboard when it came to creating a print for use on an Indians shirt.  Here is where I found it:

The Padres version is the most like a "typical" Hawaiian shirt in my opinion, but some of the other designs work out well, too.  Too bad they blew the Tribe shirt.

1 comment:

  1. I've seen worse on the golf course or in the sports bar.

    I took a tour of the other available shirts. That Georgia Bulldogs one might be the most horrific.