Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Turfdiggers Tuesday

Holy How Did I Do That, Batman! I am in *gasp* FIRST PLACE in the Super Secret League fantasy football game! Wahoo!  Now, if you want to know the stats, here is the one that matters: 2-0 with 162.66 points.  I am enjoying this now because the only way to go from here is down, down, down.  I am no fool.  I know my track record with fantasy football and I know the good times can't last forever.

The current 2nd place team is "The Red Grange Halls" with a 2-0 record and 162.59 points.  Yeah, read that again.  I am in the lead by 0.07 points.  Wait, that's 007... There *is* something to this Super Secret League stuff! Whoa...  The Florida Vikings are in 4th place because of their 1-1 record, but they actually lead the league in points (163.56).  As you can see, the top three point-earners are very close.  Now, had I played anyone BUT McCluster in Week Two, I would have scored many more points.

I jumped at the chance to snag McCluster after Week One's showing.  I got burned in Week Two.  He will be on the bench for Week Three and may find himself back in the land of free agency.  Another player who is on the brink is Hines Ward.  He is one of my favorite Steelers, but he is seriously lacking in the points department.

I did make a few drops/adds for the upcoming Week Three.  I dropped Stafford (QB - Det) and Bowe (WR - KC).  In their place, I picked up Darren McFadden (RB - Oak, ex-Hog!) and Kyle Orton (QB - Den).  I think McFadden is about to break out and I think anyone has to be better than having Stafford on the team.

As for the Week Two match-up, the Turfdiggers played the Fighting Foxhounds and romped them with a score of 82.05 to 57.71.  In the end, it was basically the Steelers defense (AGAIN) that pushed my team so far ahead. 

Week Three pits the first-place Turfdiggers against the last place Seymour Bengals.  On "paper," the Bengals look to eek out a win over my team.  I think a lot of that will do with Ward's role in next week's game.  If he is not used more, I may have to bid him adieu.  Let's hope not.

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