Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Deeply Honored and Extremely Humbled

I took the day off today (Tuesday).  It wasn't planned, I just had a few things to do and then I was going to the office.  Instead, I decided to use some of the flex time I had earned during our big relocation this summer (er, well, we're still not quite moved in the new building yet really).

After errands, surfing the web, and watching "Cube" on DVD, I checked the mail as I headed out to the post office myself.   When I went to the mailbox, I saw a box in there and immediately thought I had forgotten a trade.  Speaking of, I really *DID* finally mail your cards, NatCards!  When I saw it was from SpastikMoos, I thought, "Hey, that's cool! I need to send him a few things." And then after I got back home, I opened the box.

According to the note inside, a group of readers had gotten together behind the scenes, "to make a giveaway package for you, for all your generosity."  I was so touched and overcome, I had tears running down my cheeks before I realized it.  Inside the box was a hand-written note from McCann Can Triple, a rather large collection of Indians cards (shown below), a Starting Lineup poster of Albert Belle, several serial/game-used/auto cards, a printout showing where a donation to Doctors Without Borders was made in my honor, and a monetary donation to the Tribecards blog ("or whatever, haha" - direct quote).

I sent a message to those of you that were listed in the note.  If I missed you, please forgive me.  I was rather emotional when I sent the thank yous out.  I am deeply humbled by this amazing gesture.  As I wrote in my letter, "I never dreamed I'd be sitting here with tears in my eyes, typing an email to a group of friends that are all connected by the common bond of collecting little bits of cardboard."  I never sent (send) anything out with any expectation of a return favor.  This surprise gift of friendship and appreciation is more than I could have imagined.  I cannot adequately describe the joy and blessing these gifts mean to me.  All of these cards (and letters) are going into their own binder.  Regardless of what happens down the road, I will treasure these Indians cards. Always!

Thank you!

And now, the good stuff:


  1. This blog-o-sphere we live in is a really amazing place filled with really amazing and caring people...

  2. Troll, I definitely agree. This is an amazing gesture. Oh yeah, and your cards are going in the mail, as well, David!