Tuesday, September 7, 2010

(This is a repost of the article appearing on Popped in my Head)

I joined two fantasy baseball leagues this season: The Card Blog League and the Card Collectors.  This is the first year that I actually tried to pay attention to my players and teams. In the past, I snagged up as many Indians as I could and just let the chips fall.  For a change of pace, I actually added and dropped players, move folks around during the week, etc.  In the end, it didn't make much difference.

The Card Blog League has 12 managers and is already two weeks into the playoffs.  Somewhere in my zeal to watch my roster, I missed the fact that I was no longer active in the league.  Yeah, that shows just how much I pay attention.  The Tribecards Tyrants finished 10th out of 12 places.  The team went 76-116-18, finishing 36.5 games behind the leader.  The next closest team was only 19 games behind, so there was no way to catch him.  Even if my tied games had been wins, I would have still fallen short.  I don't remember what my standing was last year, but I would suppose it was pretty close to the same position as this year.  The Tyrants tried, but just like the Indians in real-life, we'll take the off-season to regroup (provided I'm invited back).

The Card Collectors league also had 12 managers and the Tribecards wRappers finished in 10th place as well.  There seems to be some pattern there.  The difference, though, comes in the win-loss-tie columns.  The wRappers went 94-113-13 and were only 3.5 games behind the next team.  As for the number of games behind the leader: 26.5 out.  Still quite a bit behind.  Like the other league, I did a better job of picking a variety of players and rotating them out during the season.  I just have an amazing knack to STINK at fantasy sports.

My number one issue?  I hang on to DL'ed players way too long and I hang on to "favorite" players instead of letting them go for better players.  Even though this is fantasy baseball, I treat the teams a lot like I would a real team.  I tend to have faith the my guys are going to pull through, going to pull out of a slump, going to get better.  Sure, it means I lose a lot of games, but I still have fun playing.

Next year, I'm going for bragging rights.  Or maybe an all-Tribe team. You just never know with me.

Up next in fantasy world: The Tribecards Turfdiggers prepare for football season!

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  1. I welcome the Tribecards Turfdiggers to the Super Secret League. We have already drafted. Your team shall meet The Red Grange Halls in week four. Prepare yourselves now.

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