Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What is going on here?

You can feel it, can't you? The stillness in the air around these parts as of late? I haven't figured out where the swagger in my step has gone, but here I sit, trying to come up with something worth writing that would be worth reading. And, like the Tribe themselves so many times over the past years, I find myself coming up a bit short.

The ironic thing is that a lot has taken place lately: Kerry Wood has come on board, several HOFer have been inducted (ex-triber in there, too), Shoppach and the Tribe finally reach a one-year deal...

I believe I have been holding out, looking for that 'perfect post' even though I have fallen way short of that lofty goal many times on here before! It is as if the wheels on this bus are not quite ready to go round and round. You know the whole 'journey of a thousand miles' thing? This feels like maybe the third step on the next phase of that journey.

This just occurred to me: Shoppach and the Indians have reached a 1-year deal!? Why do I have that sinking feeling that he will leave the tribe at some point this season, only to find his massive breaking-out with another team.

The funny thing is that I have become very used to ebbs and flows of the Tribe, being a fan since the horrid seasons of the 70's and 80's. as I get older, and as I have seen the Indians make it to a couple world series, I think my 'expectations' (for lack of a better word) have grown as has my frustration with the management of the team. I mean, yeah, we're the farm team and retirement center for the MLB, but could we not put together another group of guys who grow together and actually become a TEAM again?

And, perhaps that is the fundamental problem with many teams: they are not 'teams,' but merely a group of guys wearing the same city's jerseys. I think that is what is wrong with the Yankees. They all the high priced talent of the world, and yet can't win the series every single year. Heck, can't even make it every year. what makes a 'team' of players?

I know this has been bandied about before, but I almost hate to say it: I am an Indians team fan. I enjoy getting to know the players on the team, and particularly enjoy it when the players remain on the team for at least more than a couple seasons. But, the Tribe players will come and go (and some even repeat the pattern several times throughout their MLB career - Lofton,, anyone?). so long as the owners keep the team in Cleveland, however, the Cleveland Indians ball club will remain long beyond the men who fill the uniforms.

Someone asked me recently what i would do should the Indians get sent off to some other city. Would I keep the Indians cards and things I have? Would I still root for them? If Cleveland then got a NEW team, which would I root for? It brought back memories of the Browns (though I was never a Browns fan). My answer: I hope I'm long dead and gone before that happens. Seriously. To the powers that be: we love our Indians. Keep them in Cleveland.

So much for not having anything to say, huh? Thanks for hanging around to see where this all went... And the wheels on the bus take yet another turn forward.

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