Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting back "in the loop"

Wow, I am way behind in reading my 'regular' blogs! Most of you have been busy keeping things going and I've been having fun catching up with everyone's posts and comments.

I still have a long way to go, so don't be surprised if you suddenly find comments from me on posts that you may have thought were long dead on your site.

My intention this evening was to post a few more of the '12 days packs' that I've put together, but that list is not within easy reach, and well, I decided to catch up on what you guys and gals have been up to rather than get off my lazy duff and find the list.

Plus, Arkansas just beat Texas in some great B-Ball action on ESPN2! I am not a basketball person. I might be able to name a handful of pro players if given enough time (say a day or two) and I have never been a fan of collegiate sports. The closest I have ever come to being a 'fan' is my recent appreciation for the Razorbacks in various sports. I suppose it comes from living here for as long as I have, but I have no other real basis for rooting for the Hogs. Pelfrey has done some pretty cool things with the basketball team, especially as of late. You will also note that I said 'appreciation' and not 'love.' Much like the description of opera in a chick flick of many years ago, I think there are those that love their local college sports teams and those who can learn to appreciate them but they never become a part of the soul. Yeah, that's where I sit. I don't "love" the Hogs, but I appreciate them. And, what all this has to do with the Tribe? Nothing. And, that is where the "and then some" comes in... :-)

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