Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A tribute to a fellow Tribe collector

If you are not reading the Achiever Card Blog, I strongly encourage you to take a walk over there and bring your adult undergarments. I sent a bunch of Indians cards some time ago, and from time to time, Motherscratcher posts an update on those cards. It's like an extended package break. The thing that gets me, though, is not that he is posting about cards I sent him (though, admittedly, that DOES help), but rather the humorous comments he makes about nearly every card. And when there are no comments, that's just as funny because the fact that 'there is nothing to say here, people' speaks just as loudly as a paragraph in most cases.

He also has a knack of adding tidbits about the players that I had forgotten or flat-out never knew.

So, put your Coca-Cola down (I wouldn't want it to come out your nose), and head on over there. To make it easy on ya, I'll even provide a link to the Tribecards-related posts: right here.

Oh, and he's a dentist... So, you probably shouldn't be drinking that sugar-laden cola in the first place. Well, unless you plan to send him some business. Or Indians cards.


  1. Thanks David. I appreciate the cards AND this post. My only real goals with that ridiculous blog is to keep myself interested, make sure I'm taking the time to really look at and appreciate the cards, and to occasionally amuse my wife.

    Your blog is one of the things that keeps me interested in collecting.

  2. Good point about the undergarments. We agree he's hilarious.