Saturday, January 17, 2009

Town Hall meetings?

At, there is an article about the recent 'town hall' meetings that were held by Indians management (here).

Topics included things like Pronk's return, garko's move to the outfield (okaayyy...), and sizemore's shift from lead-off (or lack thereof).

It says a lot to me that the management of the club felt like they had to even hold these meetings. I realize I don't pay much attention to what happens outside of the ball season as far as the politics goes, but it seem ludicrous that something like this has to even take place. Okay, so it reaches out to the season ticket holders. But, why should the season ticket holders have to be 'convinced' to keep their tickets and come see 'their' team play ball!? That says more to me about the state of the fans than it does the management.

Just what kind of fans are out there that they have to coddled with town hall meetings and be given an 'opportunity' to have their season ticket purchases justified!? Holy crap. I can see why the owners would consider moving out of town. I mean, doesn't this whole idea scream 'well, we like the team, but you better give a us reason to show up or you can forget it.' Yeah, if i were faced with that mentality, I'd be tempted to move the team to a more appreciative city in a heartbeat. Hey, like Little Rock... Man, if the Tribe came to Little Rock, you can bet I'd still be a fan.. LOL... Or maybe that's my post-op meds talking (I had a few teeth surgically removed on Friday).

Regardless of the meds, my point is that teams should not have to hold special meetings just to keep the fans from jumping ship. A press conference that outlines the plans for the team? sure. But, traveling around the city trying to prove the management has an idea as to what's going on? No.

Maybe it's because I've been a Tribe fan long before their rise in 90's and have seen just how bad they can be, I like to think I am more tolerant of the shifts and comings and goings on the Indians players and managers. I'm not always happy about it, but i can promise one thing: if I lived within (decent) driving distance of Progressive Field, I'd be a season ticket holder for life.

You want to know why you should go to the games if your an Indians fan?? BECAUSE you're an Indians fan, that's why.

(sidenote: if you're up for a somewhat humorous look at what it's like for me to be operated on, check out my play-by-play here)

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  1. I did hear about these town hall meetings. This is the first I've heard about garko in the outfield, though. That doesn't make much sense to me. Not when we have Sizemore, Choo, Fransisco, LaPorta, Brantley, Deluci, and Crowe.

    It must to try to get Martinez time at first and Shoppach more time behind the plate. I'm all for getting Shoppach time, but I just don't see why people seem so gungho about playing Martinez at first. Martinez (when healthy) is a GREAT hitting catcher, but a pretty average hitting first baseman. I'm not at all convinced that Martinez at first and Garko in right would be a very good lineup.

    As for season ticket holders, I already have my tickets for 10 games. And, nobody invited me to a meeting to ask me what my opinion of DeRosa is. Maybe I missed the memo.

    Anyway, I'm already getting excited about the season.

    And, quit joking about the Tribe moving! That's not funny, dude. I already lived throught the Browns.