Thursday, January 8, 2009

More "12 Days" packs are heading out!

Perhaps next year, I'll find another name for the "12 Days Giveaway" since this 2nd attempt has also run WAY over the projected date of shipment. Well, there's always next time, right!?

Joshua K - On the 12th day of Christmas, Tribecards sent some.. Tribe Cards... :-) 12 Sandy Alomar Jr, 11 Cliff Lee, 10 Ryan Garko, 9 Bartolo Colon, 8 Travis Hafner, 7 Albert Belle, 6 Josh Barfield, FIVE PAUL BYRD, 4 Larry Doby, 3 Shin-soo Choo, 2 Kobayashi, and an '07 Sabathia eTopps card!

Keith K - On the 12th day of Christmas, Tribecards sent Tribe Cards to Keith K: 12 Kenny Lofton, 11 Len Barker, 10 Roberto Alomar, 9 Bartolo colon, 8 casey blake, 7 joe carter, 6 josh barfield, FIVE BOB FELLER, 4 buddy bell, 3 travis fryman, 2 rick manning, and an '04 eTopps Tribe team card!

Eric S - On the 12th day of Christmas, Eric got some Tribe cards, too! 12 sandy alomar jr, 11 travis hafner, 10 albert belle, 9 bert blyleven, 8 bartolo colon, 7 julio franco, 6 josh barfield, FIVE AARON BOONE, 4 tim drew, 3 jack brohamer, 2 rico carty, and a Russell Branyan Milestones Baseball Bat card!

Kevin M - On the 12 day of christmas, Tribecards sent some cards to Kevin: 12 marty cordova, 11 kirby puckett, 10 dan gladden, 9 rick aguilera, 8 kent hrbek, 7 todd walker, 6 latroy hawkins, FIVE ERIC MILTON, 4 jacque jones, 3 rod carew, 2 christian guzman, and a harmon killebrew collect-a-book!

Sam R - On the 12th day of christmas, Sam R got some cards: 12 kirby puckett, 11 paul molitor, 10 greg gange, 9 allan anderson, 8 kent hrbek, 7 chuck knoblauch, 6 scott leius, FIVE BERT BLYLEVEN, 4 frank viola, 3 brad radke, 2 joe mauer, and a justin morneau game-used card!

Don S - On the 12th day of christmas, tribecards gave some tigers to don: 12 cecil fielder, 11 bobby higginson, 10 alan trammell, 9 travis fryman, 8 lou whitaker, 7 dave bergman, 6 kirk gibson, FIVE DAMON EASLEY, 4 tony clark, 3 juan encarnacion, 2 jeremy bonderman, and a Briggs stadium Phil Rizzuto card!

Jason B - On the 12th day of christmas, Jason got some cubs sent to him: 12 shawon dunston, 11 andre dawson, 10 ryne sandberg, 9 kerry wood, 8 greg maddux, 7 joe girardi, 6 terry adams, FIVE ARAMIS RAMIREZ, 4 moises alou, 3 george bell, 2 derrek lee, and a mark grace gallery masters card! (sorry, was the only grace card I had...)

Believe it or not, I still have a few more gift packs to go. :-) It's funny how "done by Monday" suddenly becomes "shipped a bunch on Thursday and try for this weekend!" Oy, Vey!

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