Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Night Owl cards in the mail!

Night Owl Cards sent me an envelope of cards! He said "it's not 12 days of Indians, but that's because I stuck to your very thorough want list (for the most part).

12 Days worth or not, I love opening the mailbox to discover the postman (yes, ours is a man) put a surprise in there for me!

The first few cards are from "Baseball Cards Magazine" and they are great! They sport various retro themes from Topps in the 70's. I like the '08 UD Timeline die cut, too. Nice throwback to the SPX die cut days. Of course, I'm pretty much a fan of all cards Triber!

I am also a fan of the Topps Gold versions of their regular issue cards. Here's a weird thing. According to my database, the Swindell BC-24 comes in two flavors, but I am not sure what the difference is. So far, they all seem the same to me... That's why it has appeared on my 'want' list. I'm sure the answer is all of two clicks away, but I haven't taken the time to sit down and look just yet. Maybe one day...

Thank you VERY MUCH, Night Owl, for these great Tribe cards!!

Sidenote: There was also a box of cards from Tom (who I am certain has a blog, but his blogger name escapes me just now). I'll post those either later tonight (Tuesday) or Wednesday. Thanks, Tom!!


  1. To tell you the truth, I was shocked I had any Indians you didn't already have. It's kind of like Steve and White Sox. If you spot one on the list, it's like going fishing and getting a bite on your line: "Ooh, I've got one!"

  2. Didnt start the blog up and running yet but will! And will keep you up on it! I have collected some of the funniest cards ever and not talking about Rodman. These cards you look and and just wonder ???? what the.... Sorry about the poorer than normal cards but more are coming as they were soooooooo late.

  3. That Sandy Alomar card looks fantastic. Deserves its own post!