Monday, January 19, 2009

Score a job! (or maybe not)

You're tired of your job, right? You'd love to take on a job with your favorite baseball team, right? Of course you would. And, you'd love to go to a commercial website known for job-hunting to look for that perfect baseball-related career move, right? Sure... We all would. Well, step right up and head to Monster:

(here is the link)

Now, why would I post this? Because, for fun, I walked over there to see what great Indians-related job they had... The first one is Pitch f/x Operator. I had to read the description just to see what the heck a 'pitch f/x' was and to see if I wanted to actually operate one or not. Turns out to be a cool pitch-tracking software app that this part-time person would run for the game and While this sounds cool, I'd have a hard time convincing my wife to let me take a part-time gig in Cleveland just so I could be part of the team I love.

The next job is sports reporter. This sounds like a very cool position, and probably entails actual travel for The 'bilingual' thing keeps me out, unless you count 'proper' english and 'barroom' english as two languages. :-)

The last job is stats stringer, which after reading the description is what we old fogies used to call 'data entry personnel.'

I am not knocking any of these jobs. The way I see it, if you can land a job working along side your favorite team, you are well on your way to having a wonderful worklife. How many people actually do what they LIKE to do!? Okay, well, yeah, I happen to like what I do, but if I could work for/with the Tribe, how cool would that be!?

Of course, if I was just stuck in a room where I never actually got to talk with the players and stuff, that would kinda suck - so close yet so far away kinda thing...

Update: Right after I posted this, I went to and looked up the jobs directly with the Tribe, and there is a huge list: all kinds of jobs.

And some of those are at the spring Training facility in Goodyear... So, want a job with your favorite team? check their official site page and scroll to the bottom for Job Opportunities... :-)


  1. Speaking as a sportswriter, a little inside knowledge on covering a baseball team:

    If you are a beat writer for a baseball team, covering games both home and away, you have to love the game of baseball so much that you are willing to give up almost everything else in your life, because the job will consume you.

    It's a very difficult job. I'm not a beat writer for a ball team, but I've covered MLB games and talked to beat writers. That job will beat you down.

    I think people outside the business have an idealic view of covering a ball team. There are good points, and if you're in that job, you have to keep your perspective. But take a look at some beat writers in late August. They're just as tired as the players!

    Now a nice part-time job counting pitches? That sounds right up my alley.

  2. There were so many times during last season, I said to beat writers, "I don't envy your job."

    They're never, ever, home. Get to the ballpark at 3 p.m. to stand around. They don't get home until 1 a.m.

    Don't ask about overtime.

    Baseball beat writers do not have easy jobs.

  3. I see those ads in the Cleveland Plain Dealer every year and every year I think if only they had something I could do full time and make enough to pay the bills !! It would be long , tough hours during the season though !!