Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tribe Tradeaway #3 - "Native Americans" for Indians

Before this trade, I received a rather cryptic message (or it was to me until I "got it") from DAYF: "I'll definitely take any Native Americans not of the Cleveland variety of course." No one has ever accused me of being smart, so I "missed" what he was trying to tell me. It was not until, during a later discussion, that he said: "I collect Braves and like you with Indians, I'll take any of them I can get." Being the slow-minded person I am, I still did not get the "Native American" reference until I was staring at a pile of Braves cards I had laid out on my desk. Yeah, yeah, put me on the short bus... (Please, no offense to Native Americans, slow-witted people, or those who spent their going-to-school time on a short bus). And, now that I've managed to offend a portion of my potential audience, let me continue with my tradeaway:

Dave (yes, that is another Dave in the growing pot) sent me SIXTEEN Cleveland Indians cards! That is very cool! Ideally, I would have loved to have been able to send him 16 Braves UD Goudeys in return. Alas, I had but three:

I am not going to post the other cards that I am sending along because I'd rather they be a surprise. But, in the same vein that Dave initiated the cryptographic trade, I offer the following:
  • One should not "label" a couple of these
  • Would YOU accept the signature of a traitor?
  • One gives new meaning to "Stinky Pete"
  • A couple of these guys sure are cheesey
  • and perhaps E.T could have used a couple others

Once Dave has these all in hand, perhaps he will share with you the "secrets" of the clues... Then again, he may keep you guessing....

On another note, Joey over at Squeezeplay Cards is showing off his sports collectible Christmas Tree! And the first ornament he shows us is a Cleveland Indians Jersey! It is very, VERY cool!


  1. Hi. Here's a confession. I'm female and my daughter and I both collect baseball cards. Strange but true. We'd like to send you a bunch of our spare Indians cards. My email is salsa_van AT yahoo dot com. Send us your post office box number or whatever.

    We really enjoy your blog.
    Regards, PD

  2. Wow, I have no clue what's coming... I'm looking forward to this!