Monday, December 10, 2007

2007 Plain Dealer Medallion Series Coins

These quarter-sized coins are housed in a clear plastic holder and feature player pictures on the front. The fronts also show "Cleveland Indians" with the player's position to the left of the photo, the player's jersey number on the right of the photo, and the player's name at the bottom. The back also says "Cleveland Indians" along the top with the "I" script logo on each side. The center of the back features the "Wahoo" logo with "2007 Collection" underneath.

From what I have been able to put together, these were special items available at games with a coupon from the Plain Dealer newspaper. They were $2.99 (plus tax) with the coupon, and I would guess they sold plenty without the coupon (I mean, really, who is checking for the coupon here?). According to the cardboard stock, there are 22 of these coins in the set. I have three individual players: Fausto Carmona, Victor Martinez, Grady Sizemore (x2). I'll be scoping out eBay and Beckett and where ever else I can find these to complete my set.

There is some kind of album that collector's are supposed to put the coins in, but I would rather keep them in their packaging and put the whole card stock in a 9-pocket sleeve. Naturally, since I have two Sizemore's, I will be opening one for closer inspection! :-)

I really don't know how I ended up being such an oddball collector... Heh-heh, I guess you can put the emphasis on "oddball" in whatever way you see fit!

The great "98-cent Experiment" on eBay is going is little slower than I had expected (98-cent opening bid with free shipping). But, for control measures (for lack of a better term), anything that does not sell will be relisted under some "regular" guidelines - that is, starting bid of $.05 with $1.00 shipping. I'll let you know how that goes, too. Of course, there are still about four hours left (at the time of this writing) for the first batch of listings (I ended up doing three batches of about 30 cards each), and I know a lot of people are sniping, so I may be surprised at the final results of the 98-cent experiment.

There are several game-used items, but I think one of the coolest (non-GU) items is a 2001 Topps Gold Traded Albert Pujols (0739/2001). I don't know why, but I like it. LOL... Hope the winner does too! :-)


  1. interested in seeing how your experiment goes good luck i placed a few bids got my fingers crossed on the dunn card

  2. The coins were available at BP stations w/the Plain Dealer coupon.You might try the Cleveland Plain dealers office ,they were selling them there also. Nice Aaron card find!! Dave A #1 trader

  3. Rocco: Good luck on the bids! I would rather see folks get a better "deal" with the fre shipping arrangement than if they had to pay extra for the shipping, but some folks don't see the shipping charges as being "what they paid for the card."

    DLA: Excellent info! Thanks for the tip. I'll keep y'all posted!

  4. They have done these coins or medallions in selected markets for a few years now. I got two of the Packers medallions back in 2005 with a coupon from the paper and $2.99 at the Packers gift shop. I intended on trying to put the set together but it is another one of those things I haven't done yet.