Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Great Minds Think Alike!

Dayf commented that I had "stolen" his 12 cards idea. The funny thing is, I had not even read his post about the 12 Cards of Christmas before posting my giveaway! That is waaaayyyy tooo weird!!

Speaking of the giveaway, things are rolling right along! Of course, in my haste to get the gifts out, I crazily combined two requests! I will remedy the situation before sending out the cards, of course! Somehow, I managed to put together a Cowboys, Braves, Falcons, Hawks combination - no easy task! I'm glad I not only made a list, but checked it twice!!

I'm still taking requests, but please try to provide me with several teams (even in same sport is fine), so that I can do my best to send a variety of players and cards. What surprised me right off was the number of requests for Braves cards. Who knew!?


  1. I think it's a great idea, no matter who came up with it first. Those are the inventive things I like seeing on these blogs.

    Yes, you may borrow the uniform number idea. It'll be interesting to see it from an Indians player perspective.

  2. The Brave Nation is Legion.

    That's why it's so damn hard to win a Dale Murphy auction on eBay.