Monday, December 17, 2007

The Holiday Season and 78 Cards?

I am putting together special "holiday presents" for folks that are interested. Each present consists of 78 total cards. The number is there for a reason (yes, another one of my hair-brained riddle giveaway/trades!).

DAYF gets the first stack because, well, I found a bunch of Braves while putting together eBay items when the idea hit me like the something falling from a partridge in a pear tree! In fact, I am calling his the "Twelve Braves of Christmas!" All together now: "In the "12 Braves of Christmas," davidinark gave to dayf: 12 Greg Maddux, 11 vintage brave cards, 10 John Smoltz cards, 9 Steve Avery's, 8 Chipper Jones, 7 Andruw (no-relation), 6 Tom Glavines, FIVE FRED MCGRIFFS.... 4 Dale Murphys, 3 Jason Schmidts, 2 Phil Niekros, and a Hank Aaron Annivers'ry card!

So, here is what I am going to do: Ask and ye shall receive. Okay, well, maybe not quite. How about: Ask and I'll do my best to see that ye receive.

Here is how it works: Email me ( with your favorite team(s) - baseball, football, heck I might even be able to pull off a basketball gift. I could also do one hockey but it would not be team-specific. On the other hand, I could put together a ton of Tribe packs - LOL...

List the teams in your order of preference, and I will accommodate requests on a first-come first-gifted basis. :-) When you email me, send me your mailing address so I know where to send your Holiday Present.

That's it. Email me and ask. I will gladly receive requests until I can't fill the requests (if/when I reach that point, I will be sure to let everyone know) or until Christmas Eve, whichever comes first. Now, this is the season of giving and brotherly (sisterly) love, so please understand that I can only offer one gift per person per household - I want as many folks as possible to benefit from the 78-card gift packs. Cards will be mailed as I am able to put "12 ___ of Christmas" packs together, and you may not get them in time for Christmas Day (in case you were hoping to get these as a 're-gift' item).

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and remember kids, Do Cards, Not Drugs!

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  1. Hey, sweet! I'm not even mad you swiped my 12 days idea ;)

    I'll eventually get around to rounding up all those Indian doubles I have one of these days...