Friday, December 21, 2007

More gift packs are shipping out Friday!

It has occurred to me that I might need to remove the "Always" from the title of my blog! LOL - nah....

Do not worry if you do not see your request listed yet! I am still putting these together and having quite a bit of fun in the process. I really had no idea how many of the same players were on so many different teams! I must say it lends itself to more than a few double-takes...

Rocco requested Braves, Falcons, and FSU Football players. I didn't think I could pull it off, but I will let you be the judge: Twelve Chris Chandlers, eleven Jamal Anderson, ten Warrick Dunn, nine Leaf/Donruss Falcons, eight Braves pitchers, seven Seminole players, six Greg Vaughn cards, FIVE JEFF BLAUSERS... Four Devon Brazeltons, three Ben Grieves, two Jason Tyners, and a '77 Topps baseball card!

Joey, your twelfth day goes something like this: Twelve Nolan Ryans, eleven random Rangers, ten Don Mattinglys, nine Rusty Greer's, eight Richard Hildagos, seven Billy Wagners, six Jeff Bagwells, FIVE '76 RANGERS.... four Pudge cards, three Paul O'Neills, two Blaylock Goudeys, and a Doug Rader '71 Topps!

Bo, who asked for Yankees this year, gets a slightly different kind of surprise because I forgot to write down what was on the fourth day! So, here's the best I can do for ya: Twelve assorted Upper Deck cards, eleven Pinnacle Brand guys, ten random Fleer ones, nine Donruss too, eight Bernie Williams, seven Nick Johnsons, six Derek Jeters, FIVE ORLANDO HERNANDEZeses, four cards I forget, three Matt Drews, two Goose Gossage tributes, and a Babe Ruth Renata Galasso!

Bart collects Royals with a little Carlton Fisk thrown in for good measure: Twelve '88 Topps cards, eleven assorted Royals, ten more random Royals, nine positions on the field, eight Bret Saberhagen, seven Bo Jackson, six Kevin Appier, FIVE MARK QUINN CARDS.... four George Brett, three Carlton Fisk, two Wally Joyners, and an Alex Gordon Goudey Rookie Card!

And the last one for this evening (well, okay - this morning, given it is now 2:30am) goes to Mark who collects Mets mainly: Twelve draft/rookie/prospects, eleven random Mets cards, ten chrome/best/finest cards, nine assorted Donruss, eight Edgardo Alfonzos, seven Al Leiter cards, six Dwight Goodens, FIVE VINTAGE METS.... four Rey Ordonez, three Bobby Bonilla, two Eddie Murrays, and a Koosman Fleer Greats card!

Remember, I am still putting gift packs together, so if you haven't seen yours yet, it just means the elves are still sorting and assembling!!


  1. Wow!!!! David
    I can't wait!!!!
    Thank you
    Bart (Baseballcardman)

  2. Got the gift pack today and couldnt wait till xmas. Thanks again. They were awesome and great additions to the collection.