Sunday, December 16, 2007

98-cent Experiment Update

(Note: Photos represent cards actually listed, but did not necessarily get purchased)

Just a quick post to update you all on the "Great 98-cent Experiment." I listed approximately 360 cards during the experiment. Of those, 221 went unsold in any form or fashion. To recap, here is what I did: I listed the cards at $.98 total starting bid (free shipping). Most of the cards that did not sell at the $.98 starting bid were then relisted with a starting bid of $.05 with a shipping matrix (basically $2.00 for the first card and $.25 for each card after that). Only ONE card (A 2007 A&G Mini Lance Berkman) sold at the $.05 matrix.

What does this mean?
  1. First of all, unless you have great inserts/game-used/vintage, you are probably not going to retire selling cards on eBay. LOL, not that I was trying to accomplish that, but hey, if it works....
  2. Second, my experiment was not without its flaws. The main is that to be truly accurate, I would need to sell the SAME cards at the $.98 and at the $.05 in order to have true card-based representation.
  3. Third, It seems the appeal of free shipping attracts more buyers and more POTENTIAL buyers. What brings me to this conclusion? I had many more "watchers" for the $.98 items than the $.05 items. Again, this is flawed because the same cards were not used throughout both types of sales.
  4. And, finally (for the purposes of this experiment anyway), I thought way too long and hard about all this. :-)

The highest-priced item during the experiment was a Serially-numbered Topps Gold Rookie of Albert Pujols. Many items went for the starting bid of $.98, and as I mentioned before, many items did not sell at all, which leaves me with about 11800+ cards still to go before completely selling off the huge "Dealer Store Closed" lot I bought... Well, that's not exactly right. After all, I *DID* pull out the Indians cards, and some Braves cards going to dayf in another "riddle-type" offering (more on that in a later posting).

All in all, the experiment was fun and put some change in my pocket for my trouble. Not too shabby, I'd say.


  1. Would be interested in trading for some of your Braves, Devil Rays, Falcons that you still got lying around.

  2. I got in this weekend off the road (truck driver) and will be updating the Cincy Reds Card page. I was going through a stack of cards and came across 3 I wanted to see if you want. From 2005 Donruss cards 32. Mariano Gomez Red Press Proof 92 / 200
    38. Ivan Ochoa
    38. Ivan Ochoa Red Press Proof 44/ 200

    If you want them my email is

  3. Rocco, I am ALWAYS intered in trading for Tribe cards!

    Bay Rat North! I guess I missed your truck drivin' profession, so my apologies for bugging you about updating your blog! Definitely interested in trading!

  4. obviously i know you would be looking for Indians cards, I'm a little short on those right now but email me at if you have anything else that you are looking for.