Saturday, December 8, 2007

A sweet surprise!

DAYF and I have been swapping cards back and forth lately (which, by the way, I have some more Braves headed your way). When I saw his return address on an envelope, I peeled the package open to see what surprises were in store. You see, he had informed me that I had not claimed my UD Masterpiece yet from his box-breaking marathon. I freely admit, it had slipped my mind. Inside the envelope, I discovered a Mini Sabathia, "Play Ball" style retro Topps, and my UD Masterpiece - Howie Kendrick! It was like an early Christmas present! :-)

Yes, it really is 2:45 in the morning as I write this. Why? Well, I decided to start posting some of the cards I got in my gazillion card purchase. I started with a handful (okay, like 45) basketball cards before getting tired of entering the info (I use Turbo Lister, for now anyway). I realize that is not a lot to many folks, and it doesn't even begin to make any resemblance of a dent in the rows and rows of cards I have, but it is a start. Turbo Lister also ticked me off. It calculated my fees incorrectly, so I modified the starting bid prices, then once they were posted, eBay had the correct fees assessed. UGH. Oh well, I am offering any of the cards I put up for sale at NO SHIPPING. We'll see if that leads to more or fewer sales. Would you rather pay $.98 for a card with no shipping or $.05 for a card with $1.50 shipping? Seems like a no-brainer, but you never know the psyche of potential buyers... Here is my current listing: (Here - new window or tab). The purchase has about the same number of football and baseball cards, with a ton of basketball thrown in. There are also some hockey cards and other sets, like "American Pie" and "Olympic Heroes." I was a HUGE Mary Lou Retton fan in '84 (she is about a year or two older than I am and lived not far from where I grew up). One of the Olympic Stars cards is of her. Not sure if I'll keep that or not..

I was asked if I had videotaped the sorting session with my daughter. I wish I had, but it was one of those things that came together quickly and recording the event for posterity never entered my mind - dang it!

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  1. I lost out on the Aaron, but I got your package today. FREAKING AWESOME! I'll try to post your riddles and the the cards the go to this weekend.