Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Packs of Kindness

The 2011 Edition of "RPOK" is underway!  I sent out the first round yesterday.  I am not telling who managed to get into the first round of this year's "Random Packs of Kindness" giveaway.  I'll be sending out more, too. Probably one round per month.

So, what is RPOK!? Basically, I take a stack of cards (about 15-20 on average) and send them out to folks.  In the past, the contents of the packs was truly random - never know what you'd get. For 2011, I am creating team-based RPOK goodness.  So, if you get one, you should find cards from your favorite team(s) inside.

How do you get one? That's easy! Shoot me an email: with "Random Pack" in the subject. Be sure to include your mailing address and favorite baseball team(s).  Then, sit back and wait. At some point during the year, I'll send out your RPOK!

Yeap, it's that easy.  What's it cost? Not a thing. I suffer from CPS and this is one way I like to relieve it.  CPS?  Cardboard Philanthropy Syndrome - The strong desire to give away baseball cards.

So, be looking for yours or come join the fun!

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