Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Makeover time and gearing up for Nightmares on Cardboard

I have been staring at this same layout, banner, and "Clubhouse" for far too long now.  Over the next few days (weeks, months, something), I am going to be playing with new layout ideas and cleaning up the "Clubhouse" area.  Though I read many of the blogs in the clubhouse (and many more not yet added) through Google Reader, I realize that some of MY readers use the clubhouse to check out other card blogs.  It's time to either put it to rest or clean it up. I'm choosing the latter.

On another note, I have started working on cards for "Nightmares on Cardboard" for Thorzul's annual contest (assuming, of course, he hosts it again this year).  I don't stand a chance of winning as the competition has REALLY stepped up over the past three years, but that won't stop me from creating the ultimate "Horrific Tribers" set.  Over the next few months, I hope to kick out at least one custom card a week and showcase it here.  I have no idea what the theme for the contest will be this year, and I am likely not going to even match the theme, but I've decided to put my design efforts in a set of cards that will feature players whose names just BEG to be made into horror-related cardboard!  First up will be a Willie Blair "PEA-CHER" card, featuring a blended morph of Willie and Linda Blair.  Other players to be featured: John and Hank BUTCHER, Dennis COOK, Travis FRY-MAN, Danny GRAVES, Les NUN-A-MAKER, and many more!  Look for memorabilia cards, autographs, and other special inserts, too! 


  1. Danny Graves is scary enough if you just picture him on the mound against the Cardinals... He still gives Reds fans nightmares about the ninth inning.

  2. Looking forward to the card creations.

  3. I had to scrap a few of them from last year. I only had a handful of barely-started cards. I have a couple non-tribers in mind too.