Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nightmares on Cardboard - DRAFT - Chris Banded

This is the second card from the "Nightmares on Cardboard 2011" Tribecards set. This is also in DRAFT form, but I thought I'd go ahead and show it anyway.  This is, of course, a 1985 Chris Bando card.  Bando has been rebranded as "Chris Banded" for the set, and features a cool morph of his face from this card and a mummy's face I found poking around online.  Added to that, I found a wrapped mummy head and took out the face that was in there.  I put his hat "back on" as a finishing touch.

Future plans for this card include mummifying his arm(s) and doing some kid of wrap for his body.  I looked up various wraps and haven't quite found the one I want to use. I will probably end up with a hybrid version of my own that I can clone/duplicate then create added 'features' as I see fit.

Frankly, I think this is one scary-looking guy. I think it's because it has an actual mummy face in there. Nasty.

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