Monday, August 29, 2011

Nightmares on Cardboard - DRAFT - Danny Graves

The next draft card for my "Nightmares on Cardboard" Indians cards goes to Danny Graves.  I decided to use a 1978-themed card for no reason whatsoever, other than I like the "Written Kind (as my brother and I used to call these)" design.

Somehow I managed to mess up the iron fence in front of him.  Actually, it's fine, I just cropped the card weird, so you don't see my handywork.  He is actually behind the fence from the photo. I love layering. :-)  I messed with muted the colors to make it appear more in line with the photography of the set.  It's not too bad, but I think it needs a little something.  In fact, looking at a page of '78 right now, I thik I need to OVERsaturate rather than mute the colors.  Will play with that some more.

He is smiling in a graveyard. I can't decide if that is way too morbid or if I should just leave it alone.  I may create cannibal teeth for him, giving him a spookier grin.

For fun, I added Cleveland Municipal as the tombstone topper on one of the graves.  I am still playing with the coloring to get it to match the stone to which it is attached.  Right now, it looks something akin to a UFO, but then didn't all the old stadiums?


  1. I love that horizontal '78 design! Now I sort of wish they'd mixed in a few in that set.

  2. I agree! The only cards that's seen like that are the team cards and I think there are some "father/son" cards or something... Been a while, and I haven't checked online before replying. :-)