Monday, August 8, 2011

2008 Topps Trading Card History Hobby Starter Set

I picked up a box of 2008 Topps Trading Card History cards the other day. Nope, didn't go to Nationals in Chicago, I just grabbed a deal online.  Er, maybe.  As it turns out, this is a Hobby box containing "Starter Set" cards.  Each pack has 5 cards and there are 36 packs in the box.

Above, you see me holding one pack. You also see my daughter throwing the peace sign. Note that the pack itself is labeled "Cards 26-30." Sigh. So, each pack is labeled as to what's inside it!? Well, where is the fun in that??  Heck, I might as well be checking UPC codes to see if the packs hold some special insert or... er, uh, never mind.  Welp, in case you're interested:

TCH26 - 1982 Topps Ryan Howard
TCH27 - 1909 T204 David Wright
TCH28 - 1959 Topps Chin-Lung Hu
TCH29 - T205 Jimmy Rollins
TCH30 - 1966 Topps Ken Griffey, Jr

Well, I suppose all that's left to do is go through my checklist to see which Indians are in the set, then just open those packs. This is like the worst kind of pack-searching ever. I should feel ashamed.  I don't. But, I should. Just sayin.


  1. If you end up with multiples I'd be interested in any Braves and that 1966 Griffey.

  2. While we're at it, there are 22 cards from this set I need, and they aren't in five-card lots.

  3. UGH, the whole BOX is full of #26-#30 "Starter Packs." This was a sealed Hobby box. Evidently, the idea was to kick start collectors. What a waste.