Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cool Tribe stuff from Tim!

I am often asked (which means I have been asked more than once, but probably fewer then five times) if I collect Indians "stuff" which are *not* cards.  The answer: Heck yeah!  I'll collect just about anything Indians-related within reason.  i mean, I am not about to drop a grand on some painting or trinket, but if someone wants to send me some cool Tribe stuff, I am all for it!

Tim gets to attend Indians games on a regular basis. Well, for someone like me that can't attend any at all, it's a regular basis.  As it turned out, he was there when Thome came to Cleveland on August 13, 2011, just a few short days before Thome would come to stay in Cleveland again!  he sent a slew of photographs from the game:

(That would be Sandy Alomar wearing 15, thank you!)

(Choo getting ready to bat)

(Shin-Soo Choo, if you please!)

(Matt LaPorta in the field)

(Tim wrote, "It was great to see Jim Thome albeit in a Twins uniform." Little did we know...)

(I cropped these, but left the other 'cameraman' in this one: everyone wanted a pic of Thome)

Not only did I receive cool in-game pics, but I also received three "Batter Up!" editions: The Bob Feller Tribute, the Alomar/Blyleven HOF edition, and the Josh Tomlin feature:

But, wait! There's more!  How about a Columbus team schedule:

And, a 3rd edition Indians team schedule:

PLUS (oh yeah, he did not stop there folks!), a coupel of WAHOO bucks!  I can use these to get $5 off tickets to the Extreme Fan Zone, should I be able to make it there some day.  I wonder when these expire... Hmm...

A huge THANKS goes out to Tim for sending some very cool Indians goodies!  And, yes, I put the goodies in my collection along with my cards.  I have a "Miscellaneous" category I created in TheCardCollector for just such items!


  1. Well, so much for the package I had ready for you !! I'll have to be a little quicker in the future !

  2. Hey, no worries! I'm always happy to get Tribe stuff. :-)