Friday, August 12, 2011

Wanna help make a movie happen?

Have any of you seen or heard anything about the upcoming Bill "The Spaceman" Lee movie that director Brett Rapkin is looking to do? I just learned about this recently and now im trying to spread the world. In a nutshell, Rapkin's next project is to create a scripted narrative film on Lee and his Baseball life post-MLB.  I don't know much about Lee, since I never really followed the Red Sox, but the idea of the project sounded cool.  I'm always up for baseball-related movies!

Ever hear of Kickstarter?  I have been checking it out lately based on a couple of projects recommended/discussed in some of my social networking circles.  In any case, the site lets you contribute to various arts-related projects like this movie.  If you're interested in seeing this movie come to life and want to contribute to it, check out the film's KickStarter link below. There is no minimum or maximum that you can donate and you get cool Bill Lee-related prizes for donating. If you are short on cash (which many of us are in this day and age), you can contribute to the project by posting links and write ups on your respective blogs just to get the word out. As of right now there are 12 days left in the campaign and just over $28,000 of a $37,000 goal has been met.

I am not connected to the film.  I just think it would be cool to see it happen.  It is baseball, after all!

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