Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birthday cards all around!

On my birthday, I received two very cool gifts! The first one is what you see above: a custom-made card from PunkRockPaint! Some time ago, he asked his readers to send a picture and he would create a card just for them. I sent this and asked that it be put on a 1991 Topps card design. I hadn't seen it in my inbox until today (I had a lot of cleaning up to do!), and I have to say it is great stuff!! Not that I had any doubts - Travis is one of the most talented folks I know of! Why 1991? That would be the date Shan and I got married, of course!

Thank you VERY MUCH for this great gift!

The next gift I received came all the way across the ocean to get to me. A great package from JackPlumstead! A while ago, he posted an article about 'sample' and 'promotional' cards and asked if anyone knew anything about them. I piped up, since I have something of a penchant for oddball stuff, and in return he sent me some very cool cards! I will post more about them on "Things Done to Cards" in a bit.

In addition to the sample/promos, John included a selection of TRIBERS!! Sweet!

Included in the mix of Indians were:
1991 Donruss Sandy Alomar
2008 UD Timeline Travis Hafner (I got Pronk'd!)
2008 Topps Heritage Jeremy Sowers (Black back)
2008 Topps Heritage Jeremy Sowers (Green back)
1999 Topps Finest Bartolo Colon
1999 Topps Manny Ramirez
2000 Fleer Gamers Jim Thome
1975 Topps Mini John Ellis
2008 Topps Heritage Kelly Shoppach (Green back)
2001 UD 70's Award Winners Gaylord Perry
2001 UD MVP Travis Fryman
2001 UD MVP Roberto Alomar
2001 Fleer Tradition Sandy Alomar
2001 UD Ed Taubensee

I have no idea what the difference between the black and green backs are on the Heritage cards, or if there even is one.

This was a great surprise to get on my birthday!! Thank you so much, John!!

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