Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A long way to go

In 1899, the Cleveland Spiders did something no other team has ever managed to do. Well, technically, there is one other team that can lay claim to their feat, but the number of games played is way off, so I believe the guys you see above hold the record.

What's the record? Well, the 2009 Indians (110 years AFTER the guys above played), have a long way to go before coming close to the feat the above players achieved.

You see, in 1899, the Spiders managed to win 20 games. Yes, 20 games the entire season. They went 20-134 that season, boasting the greatest loss record in professional baseball history. Period.

But, you see, despite the rocky start to the 2009 season, this year's Tribe has a long way to go in coming anywhere close to that record. Much like the fable, I believe the Indians this year are taking the slow and steady approach to the season. Just as the tortoise appeared to be losing greatly, in the end, he wins the race. That's what I'm anticipating, anyway!


  1. Wow ! You don't really know Jennifer do you?! I think our Tribe will be fine !! Especially when Manny and Thome come back for only $100,000 a year.I can hardly wait !

  2. Well, all I can say is that she looks different than the few Jennifer's I've known...

  3. The only reason I can see for the record is that they traded Jesse Burkett before the season started. Lost a big bat, decent fielder and a hell of a brawler.