Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I got one! Or will soon!

While poking around eBay, I did a search for the elusive Sister Assumpta Indians card. Not expecting one to turn up, I was amazed to see one! Now, I've paid for it, and I know I am jumping ahead of the cart here, but I am VERY excited to even have found one. Now, the way my life runs, I realize that these will somehow miraculously pop up everywhere. That's okay by me. I'm just glad to be getting one at all.

I asked the seller if he had more and he said that this was the first one he has ever seen and he owns a card shop IN CLEVELAND. There were 10,000 of these made. This begs the question: who is holding them all!?

Side note: I have received packages from Thorzul and Achiever recently!! I will be posting about those soon. The Indians contents were total surprises!! Well, in Achiever's caase, the whole box was a surprise!

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