Friday, June 27, 2008

Out of the Office (and yet not so much)

Saturday, I head for San Antonio and the National Education Computing Conference! I don't know what (or how much) Tribe-related posting I'll be doing from there, so if things are quiet on the Tribe-al front, you'll know why.

In case you haven't been getting updates, the scratch-off game is in the bottom of the third with 2 outs for the Readers. Readers are trailing 2 to 1. I noticed that when I post updates, and even change the publishing date, the RSS fed doesn't always seem to cooperate. For the heck of it, I'll have the game with me, should anyone care to chime in. However, I've decided that if the game is not over by the time I get back from NECC, I'm calling it... I have another plan for scratch offs in which there will be prizes awarded... Oh yes, there will be prizes... Okay, that was bad, I admit.

I am hoping to take in a Missions (Padres Minor League) game this weekend while I am in Alamo-town, so if that comes to fruition, you can be I'll be bloggin' that!

In the meantime, I recently bought an eBay auction of 20 G/U and #'d cards, and there were THREE Tribers in the lot! Sweet!

If this one was listed in the auction (or shown), I do not remember seeing it. I was surprised to find it when I opened my loot!! Excellent score (well, Donruss)! The back of the card even lists bio info and has a blurb about him. There are also STATS on the back! Holy smokes, who the heck was asleep at wheel when these cards were made? Didn't they know that the rest of the card makers simply put "Way to go" on the backs??

I also did not remember seeing THIS card as one of the listed ones. I am wondering if the seller saw my ID and had more than a sneaking suspicion that I might enjoy a few Tribers in the stack! This one is a sweet multi-color, and they even show you a photo of the "actual jersey" that the cut came from on the back! How nice of them. Of course, this card only offers the serial number and a congratulatory message on the back (well, in addition to the jersey photo).

I actually KNEW this card was in the lot, and is one of the main reasons I went for the auction in the first place. Roberto Alomar! Hello!? Only one of the greatest second basemen to grace the field (yes, in my humble opinion). The back, of course, features only the "Congrats" and not even a pic of the jersey, no stats, nothin'. Oh well, who really cares! I wanted the swatch. Excellent!

The other cards in the lot are VERY nice game-used items. I won't say anything about the yet, as I plan to use some of them as the prizes in the next incarnation of the scratch-off game!

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