Sunday, June 29, 2008

How's this for karma?

Blogging live from San Antonio, it's the Tribecards show! I woke this morning and stood outside the hotel, looking every bit the confused tourist/conference-goer. A bus pulls up with a BLUE ROUTE sign, but I wave him down anyway. You see, I am in the RED ROUTE.

Being that it was all of 7:00am, I am the ony person on the bus. I strike a conversation with the driver, and he asks where I'm from. When I tell him I live in Arkansas, he asks where Springdale is in relation to Hope. We talk a bit about it, and then he says he willbe in Springdale on Wednesday. I ask him what would send him to Springdale....

He is the bus driver for the San Antonio Missions baseball team! How friggin cool is that!? We talk at length about his driving the team around. He said is can be long work. He is doing an 8-day stint with the team over the next 10 days before coming back home again.

I meant to ask his name, but we were talking so much that I forgot! DUH! Well, if you happen to catch a Missions game, and happen to spot the bus drive, tell him "Dave from Hope says Howdy!"


  1. You never know what great conversation you can have with a stranger until you actually talk to someone.