Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Into the void... Indians Uniform Number 9

Well, I had typed up my selection for Uniform Number 9 on my EeePC using KWRITE. Now, why did I not use Openoffice Writer that's preinstalled? Because I like quick and easy and simple - a plain text editor. Problem with that? No autosave. Problem with that? Lost document when I hit the wrong hot-key combo (a custom combo for instant shutdown - DUH!).

I don't remember exactly what I said in my witty and thoughtful write-up initially, so you are left with what little my brain (or my little brain?) can come up with...

Luke Easter, Ron Hassey, Glenn Myatt, Carlos Baerga, and Duke Sims had all made my "Top 3" Number 9 player. I know, there are more than three listed... I had a tough time choosing this one. Tradition would hold that I choose Luke Easter. After all, he is often mentioned in the same breath as "2nd greatest 1st baseman." Hassey is a personal favorite, not to mention a perennial "Fan Favorite." Myatt has the longest Indians career of the players listed (or any wearing #9). And, Baerga!? Fuggedaboutit! Not only does he have longevity, but is definitely one of the Tribe's best. Duke Sims had a very good run with the Tribe as well.

Ultimately, I narrowed it down to Baerga and Easter. As I mulled over these two great Tribers, I could not escape my own conviction of tradition and believe I have chosen the best player in Luke Easter as the all-time Tribe Uniform Number 9!!

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