Saturday, June 21, 2008

Serious Scum

I don't usually go into rants and raves about most things, but what happened over at Wax Heaven (here) is just ridiculous. I find it completely ludicrous that someone would take HIS redemption code and claim it as their own.

I have not been so lucky as to have won a redemption card, so I might have made the same mistake as he did (posting it online), but that is no excuse for some bottom-feeding scum-sucker to watch the video and steal the code for his/her own. That says a lot about the person who sunk to card-stealing in cyberspace. Come on, really?

My advice to the folks at Wax Heaven was to contact Upper Deck and get to the bottom of it. If they really wanted to push it, legally, they have every right to file fraud charges against the tool that scammed UD. In fact, both UD and Wax Heaven could file a suit against the perp for fraud and theft.

In the meantime, the honest card-collecting members of the blogosphere are getting our bats ready for a good old-fashioned Sopranos re-enactment......

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  1. Thanks for the support and MUCH thanks for the nice old school (and new) Marlins cards. I loved them. So far I pulled all my Grady and Hafner.

    More to come....