Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wahoo Duck!

Sometimes, I browse around the Internet long enough to find something really, really different that I can add to my Indians collection. Even I have to admit, I found something that I just had to have, and it doesn't get much "different" than this:

It is a Dodge promo Indians rubber ducky of Ellis Burks. Why? I have no idea, but I knew I just had to snag it up.... :-)


  1. Is that a "Celebriduck"? I have a couple of Ivan Rodriguez and think they are pretty cool. Looking for someone to trade the Rusty Greer one to me.

  2. I have an Omar duck. Maybe two.

  3. BigDBO, I have ben looking for an Omar ever since I picked up the Burks. If you're interested in selling or trading, let me know! Email me.