Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baseball Cards on Baseball Tonight

The folks over at SportsCard Fun ( are holding a contest to have a new segment added to Baseball Tonight. The new segment would feature baseball cards in a short segment. Visit the SportsCard Fun site for more details.

I think it's a great concept and have already submitted my entry and ideas. Think about it - what if YOU could produce, or even offer input to the production of, a segment devoted to the hobby we love so much! I am very excited about the prospect and submitted several names of folks I'd like to see have a guest spot on the segment and how I think the segments should run. A key element to the contest is that you provide them with a WAY to get it done. Oh, and if you win, you get a 2008 Hobby Box of Bowman Baseball cards for your thoughts... Of course, I'd rather have a cut of the profits generated from selling advertisements related to the program, since I see that would be much more profitable than a box of cards.....

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