Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2006 SPX Rookie Signatures Kelly Shoppach

It's been a while since I posted one of my cards, so I thought I would show off my latest addition. I bought this while researching Shoppach for the all-time uniform countdown. I am not-quite-jaded enough that I still think autographed cards are neat things to have in one's collection. Same is true of game-used cards. Because there is a severe overabundance of the things, I don't think they will ever hold their value as they have with older cards, but still, a collection conversation piece.

The front of the card has a cool shot of Shoppach, though the card's graphics take up most of the real estate. It's numbered 586/999, and features the "hey, let's just send the players some stickers to sign" clear mailing label-like signature spot. How long does it take to sign one's name 999 times? Was this signature actually number 586 on the pages of stickers? I haven't compared this sig with another of his, but it could pass as being about halfway through a stack of clear labels to be signed...

The back actually has stats (gasp!) in addition to the congratulatory message from the CEO of Upper Deck.... "I am Richard P. McWilliam, and I approve this card." Upper Deck didn't even bother to put a different picture on the back, either. Dang it. Oh well, it's still a cool sig of one of the hot Tribe players this season.

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