Tuesday, May 20, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Shake It Up

Good afternoon, baseball fans! Welcome to another edition of Baseball Network News - PAD Circus. We've got several shake-ups this week as teams continue to move up and down within their divisions. Let's take a look!

Last time, in the Picadilly Division, the FDNYs led the pack by one game. As of recent events, the StealingHomes have swapped places and now lead by the same margin. The Tribecards and Arpsmiths move up a notch, now trailing by 2 games behind the leader. The JoshDs remain at three games out, but the Night Owls have moved up a notch to 5 games behind first place.

The Wilsons take the lead in the Green Park Division, as the Maddings slip to two games behind. MySportsObessesions may be 3 games off the lead, but they hold a 7-game lead over the GoBlues. The DiamondKings continue their losing streak, going 3-7 in their last 10 games. They are 16 games out of first, dropping down a notch. They need to find a ladder and get rid of that shovel they seem to be carrying around.

In the Leicester Division, NachosGrandes maintain their 8-game lead over the Superduperman99s. ScottCrawfordOnCards, however, climbs a spot to 9 games behind NachosGrandes. PlayAtThePlates, Trhdds, and JediJeffs are 12, 13, and 14 games out of first respectively. The PlayAtThePlates won their last two as Trhdds and JediJeffs lost theirs. Both PlayAtThePlates and Trhdds went 5-5 in their last 10 games.

Over in the Oxford Circus Division, the CaptainCanucks extend their lead over the ProwlingCats who now trail by 3 games. The Chonks and PatWs each went 6-4 in their last 10, helping keep their distance of the fluondering Erins. The Erins are 15 games out of first place. And though they won their last game, they only managed to win three of the last ten games.

Dawgbones Dominate the Punto Obelisco Division, winning 8 games in a row, going 9-1 in their last ten! The RJBreezes slip two games and now sit 10 games behind the lead. PTownToms and Pedersejs have lost their last two games, but are headed in oppositse directions. PTownToms won 3 of their last 10 as the Pedersejs snagged 7 out of their last 10 games. Jafronius and TSHensons remain tied for last, dropping to a paltry 22 games out of first place.

Let's talk about the Hadsalls! They won 9 of their last 10 games and currently sit on a 6-game winning streak. This moves the Thorzuls to 5 games behind in the Lillywhites Division. The GCRLs, ThoughtsAndSox and EG9460s continue their slide, each having lost their last game. The EG9460s currently sit at 21 games removed from first place. Even so, they are .383 on the season thus far, keeping them far above the worst teams in the league.

Coming off a 3-game winning streak, the Kazis lead the Bakerloo Divison over the Quarrys by 6 games. The BCs trail the Quarrys by 2 games, putting them 8 games out of first in the division. The Jennings and PatrickSmiths keep heading downward, though the PatrickSmiths seem to have found the expressway as they have dropped their last 7 games. Band-aid? They need a tourniquet!

The Caring Cross Division keeps the BoRosnys in first with a 1-game lead over the Workmans and 9 games ahead of the Otakus. BackstopCards, Dayfs and CaptainKirk42s trail the leader by double digits. The Dayfs and CaptainKirk42s share a 7-17 home record.

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  1. I need to remember to send in my draft picks on time so I can move up the standings through the draft. It seems like every week I finally get a few minutes to sit down and put my list together, and then I actually read the announcement e-mail and realize I missed the deadline by a few hours.

  2. now that I've signed highly prized free agent Cameron Diaz, my division championship is secured.