Saturday, May 31, 2014

#ootp15 Giveaway Update: Rays Win! Rays Win!

The St. Louis Cardinals get blown away by the Tampa Bay rays in a stunning 4-1 game steamroller series.

Note: these are images. Actual season information will be available as soon as I can get it uploaded, which will be later in the week. Turns out the season runs over 3GB worth of data! Wow!

Here are the results from Wildcard to World Series:

As for the contest winner(s), NO ONE picked the Rays to win. We had a couple folks predict the cardinals would win.

As for the GRAND PRIZE: a *FREE* OOTP15 code, all entries were put into the list randomizer at, then randomly shuffled 19 times (once for each participant).


AL KAWAMOTO!! Congratulations!! Wahoo!! 

Thanks to everyone that signed up to play along and try to win the free code!!

Al, I will send you an email with your free code. Just download the game and enter it as your registration number.

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