Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - At Last! We have an #ootp15 Update in the PAD Circus League!

Hey everyone!

Welp, we finally did it! We have an update to our PAD Circus simulation. I ran the simulation through May 27. For the teams manually managed, I simply removed the recently drafted players from the 25-man roster (in order to get those rosters back down to 25) and ran with it. I will make any roster changes desired for the next sim for those folks handling their own team's line-ups, etc.

The updated simulation is posted at, but for those wanting a recap, let's see what's happening in the league thus far:

before we look at each division, let's take a look at what's happening with some of the league leaders. Adrian Gonzalez leades the league in batting average with a .415, losing a bit from the last update. He had been at .416, but I don't think his manager is complaining. Yoenis Cespedes widens the gap in home runs, leading the league with 20 as Lance Berkman sits 3 behind him. We have three players tied for the lead in RBIs: Cespedes, Albert Pujols, and Troy Tulowitzki each have 58 runs batted in so far this season. Anibal Sanchez holds the league's best 10 wins while Toad Ramsey has whiffed 137 batters thus far.

Let's see how things are shaping up in each division.

Now, grab your erasers because things in the Picadilly Division have been changing! The StelingHomes maintain their hold on first place, but the Tribecards jump to 2nd as the FDNYs fall to 4th. The Arpsmiths hold their 3rd place position as the JoshDs and NightOwls are tied for last.

Green Park Division retains the same team positioning as last week: The Wilsons have a 2-game lead over the Maddings. The rest of the division is filled by MySportsObsessions, the GoBlues, and the DiamondKings. The DiamondKings improve from a .277 average to .321, rallying on a 4-game winning streak. Let's hope for their sake, the streak continues.

The Leicester Division mimicks Green Park in that none of the teams moved from their previous positions. The NachosGrandes maintian an 8-game lead over the Superduperman99s. ScottCrawfordOnCards, PlayAtThePlates, Trhdds, and JediJeffs stay the course they were on last time. The JediJeffs do fall to 15 games behind the leader, though, coming off a 2-game losing streak.

CaptainCanucks and ProwlingCats hold the number 1 and 2 spots, reespectively, in Oxford Circus Division. But, the Chonks and PatWs swap places putting the PatWs in 3rd and the Chonks resting comfortable above the Erins. Erins are 16 games out of first place and hold the 3rd worst record in the whole league. It has certainly been a tough inaugural season for them.

Before we get into summaries, I want to say here that in the SubLeague2 (below), every division remained the same as far ast standings with exception coming from Caring Cross. All the other divisions showed no movement from their respective teams. I'm not sure what that says about those divisions or the teams within, but it is certainly an interesting phenomena.

Look at the Punto Obelisco Division, the Dawgbones keep a 10-game lead over RJBreezes and an 11-game lead over PTownToms. The Pedersejs hang on to 4th place, but are suffering from a 5-game losing streak. Jafronius and TSHensons round out the division.

The Lillywhites Division sees the Hadsalls move 1 game further ahead of the Thorzuls, who trail by 6 games. The GCRLs won their last 2 games as the ThoughtsAndSox come off a 6-game winning streak! EG9460's, however, manage to crash into a 9-game drought. The Hadsalls' .849 winning percentage leads the league.

Over in the Bakerloo Divison, the Kazis also increase their lead by a game as the Quarrys find themselves 7 games out of first place. The BCs stay in 3rd place ahead of the Jennings. The PartickSmiths, though, are 21 games away from the leader and currently show the league's worst record of just .226 winning percentage. It does not look good for the team from Arkansas.

The Caring Cross Division shows the only movement in SubLeague2 as Otakus and BackstopCards vie for 3rd place. The BoRosnys and Workmans keep the top two places in tact as the Dayfs and CaptainKirk42s sit solidly at the bottom of the division.

In other player news, Cameron Diaz is batting .294 in her first week of OOTP while Justin Timberlake has yet to see action. The Dodgers Team is batting .328 with 11 RBIs and 5 home runs. The White Sox Team card has a 3-1 record with a 1.90 ERA. Not bad for a bunch of non-players.


  1. Cameron Diaz weighs 205 pounds? Wow, she's really let herself go!

  2. She told me Barry got her some vitamin cream.... I didn't know what she meant at first.....

  3. I was pleased to see that I only fell back two more games in the division since the last update, but that 1-5 record over that time frame is miserable. Here's hoping for a successful draft this week!