Friday, May 2, 2014

#PackADailyCircus #ootp15 - Friday Baseball Action Updates!

Good afternoon, baseball fans!  I'm coming to you live (er, well, you know) from the Pack-A-Daily Circus news desk with OOTP15 league updates.

Scores, standings, and even the HISTORY has been posted to the PAD site: so feel free to jump over there and check things out.

As always, there are a few snags. Namely, some of the player pictures did not get saved. I have no idea why, but they are computer-generated anyway, so it's not a major loss.

One of the headlines from the past few days comes from Jafronius, who has found themselves on a 3-game winning streak as the TSHensons slip a notch. Maybe the SUN is helping shed some light on the team. This ties them for the bottom in the PUNTO OBELISCO DIVISION. But, they are only 3 games behind Pederesejs, who find themselves on a 3-game losing streak. The next series of games could prove to be the position-changer.

Looking at the other divisions, the DiamondKings find themselves on a 5-game losing streak, falling to the bottom of their division. Hopefully, they can pull something together from the next draft and kick the team into gear - or at least a forward gear...

The NachosGrandes, on the other hand, are running away on a 5-game winning streak.That puts them 5 games ahead of the Superduperman99s.

The Hadsalls and Thorzuls battle back and forth for the lead in their division, leaving everyone else in the dust over in the Lillywhites Division. The Hadsalls have the highest percentage in the league after this week's games (.800) and don't look to be hitting the brakes anytime soon.

Taking a cue from the DiamondKings, the PatrickSmiths slipped into a 5-game losing streak and sit 3-7 in their last 10 outings. They are going to have to do something to break out of this slump.

Taking a look at individual players this week, Adrian Gonzalez (GCR) leads the league with a .459 batting average. Lance Berkman (RJB) is knocking more than a few balls out of the park, leading the league with 13 homers. Berkman teammate Halladay (RJB) leads the league with 7 wins.

Kate Upton, for those who are curious about the addition of the actress to the PlayAtThePlates roster, has 5 at-bats in 2 games and is hitting .400 with 2 RBIs on a single and a double. She's been walked once and struck out once. Her two games came against the Tribecards. It'll be interesting to see where she and other non-tradition players land during the season.


  1. I'm going to ask, and if I missed a post or message about this, I apologize:

    What kind of interaction can we have with out roster. As in, this is a virtual league, but can we, as owners, do any management ala a fantasy team besides just making trades?

    1. Yeap! You can do almost anything you want: tell me if you want to drop players, put certain players in, work out trades, etc! You cannot add players because they have to be drafted. By default, after each draft, OOTP sets the lineups, subs, etc. But, you tell me what lineup you want and I'll put it in for ya!

  2. So much for adding some pitchers with the last draft. Since I picked him up Cy Young has a 36.00 ERA, that my friends, sucks!!

  3. This is what OOTP thinks Bo Jackson looks like: :-)

    Are there any others that are MORE wrong?
    Does anyone have one that looks right?

    1. Hahahaha! Wow... I can regenerate that if you'd like. :-)

    2. Oh, and to answer your question, Kate Upton looks like herself.. well, kinda.

    3. Yes she does! Ha ha!

      No need to regenerate Bo. I think he's OK. Now he and Kevin Youkilis can walk around and claim to be twins.

      -Josh D.