Monday, May 5, 2014

2013 Tribecards from Outer Space Mail Call!! Be on the lookout!

Hey everyone! I was able to mail off a bunch of the INITIAL 2013 Tribecards from Outer Space packages today - FINALLY!!  Yes, you read that correctly: LAST season's cards are finally making their way into the USPS delivery system!

A couple of notes:

  1. If your name is *NOT* listed, then your packages should go out later this week.
  2. The packages are "INITIAL" - meaning that they fit into the boxes/bubbleopes I have. Large-format items, bonus items, etc will be sent at a later date. 
  3. I had a third thing, but it left my head when i started thinking about large cards and bonus items. Well, dang. 
These are the folks I mailed today - be looking for your cards from last season:

Adam Smith
Alec Jokubaitis
Bill Boehm
Bo Rosny (to new address)
Brad Rauer
Captain Canuck
Brian Conrad
Chris Reed
Daniel Houck
David Campbell
Don Sherman
Edgar Galvan
Erin Campbell
greg gay
James Haynes
james rosenthal
Jeff Pedersen
Jeff Wilk
Jerold Irabagon
jim hall
Jon Waterman
Josh DenHartog
Kerry Biggs
Marcus Pond
Mark Aubrey
Matt Hickes
Matt Regehr
Matt Wilson
Matt Workman
Patrick Smith (to old address - d'oh! Check your email)
Paul Browning
Paul Hadsall
Rich Bolster
Richard Nebe
Rod Richards
Samuel Pair
Scott Crawford
Todd Huntington
Tom Olson
Zenus Barnes


  1. Thanks! Can;t wait to check em out!

  2. WOO-HOO!!!! Finally getting my Mantle rookie!

  3. hope I'm in the next batch--needs my (mostly) Blue Jays--need to check out what I got--yay

    1. Er, actually, yours were mailed out on Monday. I missed it on the list because the USPS receipt didn't list the ZIP code, but I had you marked off my other list!

  4. I'm kinda glad I'm not on that list because I don't think you have my new address. I'll email you...