Thursday, May 15, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Finally! An OOTP Update!

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! We've had a bit of a dely in the PAD updates, but we are ready to roll now!

You can find the updates at:

Let's see what we've got going on:

In the PICADILLY DIVISION, the FDNYs are barely holding on to the lead. StealingHomes are only one game behind and the Tribecards, JoshDs, and Arpsmiths are only three games out of first. It's a close race! The Night Owls are six games out of first, so they aren't really too far out themselves.

The Wilsons and the Maddings in the GREEN PARK DIVISION are tied for first place! MySportsObsessions are three games out and have a sizable lead over the GoBlues and DiamondKings who are eleven and fifteen games out of first, respectively. On top of that, the first place teams are on winning streaks while the last place teams are headed the other direction.

Meanwhile, over in the LEICESTER DIVISION, NachosGrandes hold an 8-game lead over 2nd place Superduperman99s and a 10-game lead over ScottCrawfordOnCards. Those three teams are all on multiple game winning streaks. Below them, the JediJeffs, PlayAtThePlates and Trhdds are tied at 18-24, remaining 13 games out of first in their division.

The CaptainCanucks hold a one-game lead over ProwlingCats in the OXFORD CIRCUS DIVISION as the two teams recently head in opposite directions (the Canucks trend upward as the Cats slide a game). The Chonks and PatWs aren't too far out, five and eight games respectively, but the Erins have yet to find their way in this league. They sit at 14 games out of first place with a 10-32 record, having lost 9 of their last 10 games.

Over in the PUNTO OBELISCO DIVISION, Dawgbones has a nice six-game lead over the RJBreezes. All the other teams in the division are sitting at double-digit deficits. The PTownToms are 10 games out, Pedersejs are 14 out, and Jafronius and TSHensons are each 18 games out of first place. The good news for Pedersejs is that PTownToms are on a 4-game losing streak.

As we look at the LILLYWHITES DIVISION, we see the Hadsalls are 8-2 in their last 10 games, putting them in first place ahead of Thorzuls who are just 3 games behind. The GCRLs, ThoughtsAndSox and EG9460s are 10, 12, and 18 games out of first place. We still have a long way to go, but things certainly don't seem to be turning around for those at the bottom.

If you want to see ugly, take a look at BAKERLOO DIVISON. Every team lost their last game, and the BCs have lost their last FOUR games. Ouch. as it is, though, the Kazis lead the division over the quarrys by 4 games. The BCs are solidly in 3rd, six games behind the Kazis. The Jennings and PatrickSmiths bring up the rear, 11 and 15 games out.

And, finally, in the CARING CROSS DIVISION, five of the six teams won their last game with the Otakus celebrating a 4-game winning streak. They sit in 3rd place in their division behind Workmans in 2nd and BoRosnys leading. The Workmans lost their last game, but they are still six games ahead of Otakus. BackstopCards, Dayfs, and CaptainKirk42s finish out the division.

Let's look at league leaders:


  1. My team is already tanking to get a good draft pick for 2015.

  2. It's nice to see a winning record over my last 10 games for once, even if it is just 6-4. There's still plenty of season left. It was also good to see my team pop up in a positive news item, with Gary Sheffield hitting his 500th career home run. Usually if my team shows up in the league news, it's because an opposing pitcher threw a shutout on us.

  3. Please drop Alan Trammell from my team (California JoshDs). I thought he would play like "young, awesome" Alan Trammell. Instead, he is playing like "old, broken" Alan Trammell. Besides, he's taking at-bats away from Honus Wagner!!!! :-)