Friday, May 18, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - 044 - Anniversary Post!

Today is May 18th!  My wife and I got married Twenty-One years ago today!  Wahoo!!

In honor of that day, I bought a handful (literally - there are five) of packs from 1991 Topps!  If you've seen "My Card" over there on the right of the blog, you may recognize the layout as being the 1991 Topps design.  Yes, it is specifically the 1991 Topps because of our anniversary.

Also in honor of our special day, I will scan in 21 of the cards - one for each year my wife has put up with my craziness.  I Love You, Shan!


Jay Bell - Pirates
Pete Harnisch - Orioles
Edgar Diaz - Brewers
Tom Gordon - Royals (Great "unrelated" story by Stephen King, BTW)
Willie Blair - Blue Jays (I made a Willie/Linda Blair combo card once)
Greg Swindell - Indians - WAHOO! A Triber in the first pack!
Rich Rodriguez - Padres
Gregg Olson - Orioles (Not one of the Olson twins)
Instant Win Card (loser)
Mike Benjamin - Giants
Dave Henderson - A's (always great to pull my namesake!)
Gary Sheffield - Brewers (One of faves in my younger days)
Francisco Oliveras - Giants
Mark Portugal - Astros
Mike Hartley - Dodgers
Tony Pena - Red Sox (I grew up watching him play for the Bucs!)


Tino Martinez - Mariners
Marty Clary - Braves
Gene Harris - Mariners
Tom O'Malley - Mets
Donnie Hill - Angels
Kirk Gibson - Dodgers (Awesome!)
Lou Whitaker - Tigers (Excellent!)
Lance Johnson - White Sox
Instant Win Card (loser)
Carlton Fisk - White Sox (Are you kidding me!?)
Julio Franco - Rangers (I hated it when he left the Tribe)
Mike Scioscia - Dodgers (Holy cow! Great!!)
Hal Morris - Reds
Darrin Jackson - Padres
Dennis Eckersley - A's (Man, this pack is fantastic!)
Jose Uribe - Giants (another of my younger-years favorites)


Jay Howell - Dodgers
Terry Kennedy - Giants
Tim Jones - Cardinals
Brian Holman - Mariners
Pete O'Brien - Mariners
Mike Kingery - Giants
Wilson Alvarez - White Sox
Kelly Gruber - Blue Jays
Instant Win Card (loser)
Doug Drabek - Pirates - All-Star National League card
Cory Snyder - Indians - WAHOO! Fantastic Indians pull. He serves as one of the Pros at fantasy camp. I hope to go some day!
Jeff Montgomery - Royals
Marc Newfield - Mariners - #1 Draft Pick
Ron Darling - Mets (Nice get!)
Charlie Hough - Rangers (Excellent!)
Scott Scudder - Reds (One of my favorite player names ever)


Mike Pagliarulo - Padres (Wow, there's a last name for ya!)
Scott Erickson - Twins
Matt Nokes - Yankees
Melido Perez - White Sox
Chet Lemon - Tigers (Another fave of mine from back then)
Gregg Jefferies - Mets
Terry Steinbach - A's (Great catcher, if memory serves)
Joe Girardi - Cubs (Wow, this dude HAS been playing a long time!)
Instant Win Card (loser)
Tom Candiotti - Indians - WAHOO! Let's Go Tribe!
Joe Carter - Padres (Oh, man! That is great!!)
Bob Patterson - Pirates
Jim Neidlinger - Dodgers
Mike Felder - Brewers
Dwight Evans - Red Sox (Smokin! Too bad he is so small on the card.)
Rodney McCray - White Sox


Dave Stieb - Blue Jays
Oddibe McDowell - Braves (Another favorite name of mine)
Andy McGaffigan - Royals (Any relation to Jim Gaffigan? Probably not... /oh, he's gonna get in trouble for that one./
Joe Morgan - Red Sox (No, not THAT Joe Morgan, the other one)
Bryn Smith - Cardinals
Mickey Tettleton - Orioles (Love the grin there, buddy! Enjoy yourself!)
Steve Crawford - Royals
Cito Gaston - Blue Jays
Instant Win Card (loser)
Ivan Calderon - White Sox
Jose Rijo - Reds
Bill Pecota - Royals
Gary Wayne - Twins
Dennis Cook - Dodgers (Before the goofy Indians cards he made)
Dave Rhode - Astros (I always though his name should have ended with an "S")
Nelson Liriano - Twins (Doing his "Billy Ripken" impression)

Wow, I'd have to go back over that list, but I don't think there was a duplicate in the lot.  I have never WISHED for duplicates so much in my life.  Never fear, folks!  EVERYONE will get cards out of this break - you should know by now that there will be "surprises" for everyone!

Thanks for joining me on this special day for me and my wife!  What did I get her?  Well, for Mother's Day, the kids and I got her an iPhone 4S and part of that was for our Anniversary.  I am also sending her roses - her favorite flower.

*I took note of adding subtitles to the posts. For the record, those are added AFTER the pack(s) is(are) opened.

Each day of the regular baseball season, I am busting open a pack of baseball cards.  These are packs that I have laying around and/or that I have purchased recently on a whim.  I list the cards in the pack and scan in some of them.  I shoot for 9 cards, but sometimes I may scan more, other times fewer.  It all depends on how things hit me in that particular pack.  Oh yes, there will be duplication.  I have a TON of packs from certain brands/years.  I will, however, try to mix things up throughout the season.

For those keeping score, I know there are not actually 182 GAMEDAYS in the 2012 season.  I am counting ALL the days between Opening Day and the last day of the regular season.  Frankly, it's easier that way.  Thanks for playing along.

Also, you are welcome to claim teams/players (Max 3 total). Rules are at the following:

*The gum from these packs will not be given away.  Though, admittedly, I am tempted to try a bite.  The fear of puking my guts up stops me from following through.


  1. That Carlton Fisk is a great card. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Yeah, I'm just envisioning the collision between Fisk and Big Cecil!

    Congrats on the anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! I wish you many more to come!! Congratulations on 21 years!! My wife and I are 2 away from 20 ourselves!!

  4. Happy Anniversary you two.... now go do anniversary stuff.

  5. Happy anniversary! She's gotta be worth it if she puts up with you while you're posting packs on your anniversary!

  6. Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone!! Congrats, Richard!! Cap'n - we did! :-)