Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pausing for Cards from Night Owl

I received a surprise in the mail.  I had a bubbleope from Night Owl!  That can only mean some good Triber cardness. 

First up, we've got 2012 Topps Opening Day Grady Sizemore.  I don't know if you can tell, but he appears to be look up at a ball he just hit.  His facial expression suggests a long fly out.  The next card is also a 2012 Topps Opening Day.  Jason "Hitnis" is shown turning a double play.  The guy on the ground is a Rangers player.  Next, we have a 1990 Score Young Superstar Felix Fermin.  He is catching some serious ball-tossing air here!

Mark Lewis starts off the next few cards.  This is probably the pose that most sticks out in my mind when I think of Lewis.  He is poised on a 1994 Upper Deck.  The next card is UBER-SWEET!  Greg sent a mini-1975 Topps featuring John Denny, Rawly Eastwick, Jim Kern, and Juan Veintidos.  That is probably the only picture of Kern where his hair is not wild and crazy, sticking out all over the place.  He also looks way more serious in this photo than I think he looks on any other card I can think of.  Rounding out this trio, Omar Vizquel on a 1999 Topps Hands of Gold.  Oh, ladies and gentlemen, this card is a thing of beauty.  I am a sucker for the die cuts.  Where is Pacific when you need them?

Finishing out the bubbleope, Justin Masterson is hurling ball on a 2012 Topps Opening Day.  Frank Herrmann just finished hurling.  That is one mean leg-kick there, buddy.  Stay out of the way of that one!  He comes to us on a 2009 Topps Black Parallel.  Nice!

I am sending out a HUGE "Thank You!!" to Greg at Night Owl Cards for some great Indians baseball cards!! Wahoo!!

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