Wednesday, May 16, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - 042

Today marks the 42nd day of pack opening.  As we all know, the number "42" represents a special place in America's Pasttime.  So, today, I am going to bust open 42 packs of cards!  No, just kidding.  You think I'm nuts!?  Well, even so, I'm not opening 42 packs in one shot.  As fun as that would be, it would mostly serve to deplete my box o' packs.

I will, however, crack open a pack of 1994 Fleer Ultra Series II.  That's close, right?

Chris Sabo - Orioles
Carlos Baerga - Indians - WAHOO! Let's Go Tribe!
Mike Kelly - Braves
Ramon Martinez - Dodgers
Pedro Martinez - Expos
Eric Davis - Tigers
David Cone - Royals
Ruben Sierra - A's
Randy Johnson - Mariners
Willie Banks - Cubs
Orlando Merced - Pirates
Fausto Cruz - A's
Juan Guzman - Blue Jays
Mike Piazza - Dodgers - Rising Stars

Okay, the Piazza card is incredibly cool-looking - shiny, sparkly, glowing. Very eye-catching!  Glad to see a fan-favorite Indians player in the mix. That is always a bonus. I am curious if the two Martinez boys are related. That would be fun.

Each day of the regular baseball season, I am busting open a pack of baseball cards.  These are packs that I have laying around and/or that I have purchased recently on a whim.  I list the cards in the pack and scan in some of them.  I shoot for 9 cards, but sometimes I may scan more, other times fewer.  It all depends on how things hit me in that particular pack.  Oh yes, there will be duplication.  I have a TON of packs from certain brands/years.  I will, however, try to mix things up throughout the season.

For those keeping score, I know there are not actually 182 GAMEDAYS in the 2012 season.  I am counting ALL the days between Opening Day and the last day of the regular season.  Frankly, it's easier that way.  Thanks for playing along.

Also, you are welcome to claim teams/players (Max 3 total). Rules are at the following:


  1. I was always under the impression that they were brothers, but I've been known to be wrong on more than once occasion.

  2. yes, Ramon is the younger brother...

    and opening 42 packs is okay.... scanning them and posting them is a whole other ballgame.

  3. Actually, Pedro is the younger of the Martinez brothers.

    Hey, no thanks for the Indians beat down of the Twins the past two days.........

  4. yup - kary is correct. ramon is the older brother of the two. when Ramon was the Dodger's ace, pedro was coming up in the Dodger's minor leagues. He told the dodgers that his brother was even better than him...(of course he was right)...but the idiot dodger's brain trust at the time traded pedro away, saying he was too small and thin to ever make it as a major leaguer (of course they were wrong). on the bright side, we got the magnificent delino deshields in the trade.

  5. Kary - You're welcome. Haha! I'm sure it will come back around for ya.

    This kind of discussion is what I love most about these breaks! Thanks for reading/playing along!